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Filming & Editing: Da Eun Kim | DNKM Stories

Location: Stanford, CA

Filming Date: February 18, 2018 | Post Release Date: March 28, 2018


I told y’all there would be exciting new stuff coming! If you haven’t already checked it out, click on the video above (aka my first ever fashion lookbook video)! I decided to call this video #GIRLBOSS ya girl feels fierce whenever she rocks these looks–both day and night. As I’ve mentioned before, channeling the right attitude helps with exuding confidence and I think that was best captured through movement aka the beauty of video. Tbh I felt pretty awkward figuring how to pose in a non-stagnant way because I’m so used to holding poses for pictures, but as you know, I'm being filmed this go-around. 

Special thanks to my amazingly talented friend Da Eun Kim for collaborating with me to produce this amazing video and knowing the right words to say to guide me when we were filming! Many hours have gone into making this project a reality and y’all have no idea how eager we’ve both been to share it to the world. Note: everything found in this video from the graphics, music, and editing has all been done by the both of us! I honestly never in a million years, especially when I was younger, would believe that I’d be able to pull off anything remotely cool as this (read: modeling and producing a fashion lookbook video from scratch). I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to fangirl over myself hahaha. It’s been quite the journey and there’s so much more room for me to grow. Once again, I’m so grateful for amazing friends like Da Eun who have been the catalysts and mentors who have encouraged, supported, and inspired me.

Of course I couldn't go without writing about why I chose the pieces I did and how they all come together, so read on for my commentary~ I'll keep it short since I didn't take many pictures to include. Whoops.


Gray Bodycon Sweater Dress with Shoelace Neckline | Macy’s

Light Wash Denim Jacket | T.J. Maxx

Black Boy London Sneakers | Migliore in Dongdaemun, Korea
Silver Spike Stud Earrings | Forever 21

Dark Blue Beanie | Schuler Scholar Program

Gold Rimmed Blue Tinted Sunglasses | Hongdae, Korea

Casual chic with a beanie thrown in for hipster vibes! This outfit is super comfy and something I would throw on to dress up on a more casual day. This gray bodycon sweater dress is not only super comfy, but also has an awesome shoelace detail neckline that's better left untied (I tried tying a bow and yeahhhh that wasn't cute). Because the sweater dress is pretty long, I threw on a light wash denim jacket to contrast the dress both in color and in texture. 

Let's also talk a little bit about location #1 of this video. As someone who loves typography, I am in love with this huge word wall that's basically a screen with words disappearing and reappearing at random times. See if you can catch any words that describe the vibe of this look.


My blue tinted sunglasses makes another appearance because sunglasses are my go-to add ons if I want to up my cool factor (along with stud earrings). They protect my eyes and keep me looking both stylish and mysterious because people can't read me well when I have them on. 

To add a more casual feel to this outfit, I opted for this snug dark blue beanie that has inner lining to keep me warm when it's chilly (it was really chilly/windy when we were filming).


I kept my hair down for this look since I was rocking a beanie. I don't usually wear beanies or many hats for that matter but I've been including hats in more of my looks now that I have front bangs.

Makeup done by the multi-talented Da Eun. Darker eye shadow and lighter lip but everything is kept pretty simple since there is already a lot going with the rest of the look.


Dark Navy Blue Jumpsuit | H&M

Black Stilettos | DSW

Silver Dangly Earrings | Hongdae, Korea

As you can tell from the lighting, filming didn't take place at night because ya girl is busy and doesn't have time to film a video for the whole day. Regardless, I LOVE jumpsuits and think they're classy and, with the right fit, they will perfectly accentuate your figure. I love the cutout at the neckline and on the back with the stringy halter straps that gives the jumpsuit an interesting touch. I also like how the belt that came with the jumpsuit is made out of the same fabric as the jumpsuit. Knot it once and now you have a belt that doesn't stand out too much but still adds a bit of oomph to the long piece. Simple and sweet.

Let's also take some time to talk about location #2 of this video. This cool exhibit/work of art has these color chips that automatically change every so often which makes for some cool visuals/backdrop for this one tone/color look. Tbh this wall reminds me of those large scale DIY projects with paint color chips.



These dangly earrings add a funky overall feel without attracting too much attention from the jumpsuit. It's also super fun to swish around the earrings, which fits perfectly with everything else about this look–jumpsuit and hair.

Again, I kept things simple when picking shoes and opted for classic black stilettos. I'm still a noobie when it comes to walking in heels for extended periods of time so I was impressed with/proud of myself for not tripping over myself as I "tried to work the runway" during filming. I would have worn a pair of flats or sneakers for comfort but I figured I should wear heels to add height since this jumpsuit is a little long.

For this look, the makeup definitely takes center stage. I'm someone who knows very little when it comes to makeup so there's a lot of terrain I want to explore and experiment with. In the realm of makeup, I would say lipstick is the area I am super excited to play around with. I've always been intimidated with bolder colors, especially if they are darker, but I am IN LOVE with this lip color. This deep wine color makes a bold statement and goes perfectly with this jumpsuit. Also note the winged eyeliner that adds more fierce points.

Hair is pulled back in a ponytail for added swishness and to let makeup and jumpsuit shine.


Depending on how comfortable you are with whoever is taking pictures or filming you, asking them to shout out words related to the vibe you're going for can be useful! Doing this can snap you out of being too self conscious and is helpful if you're trying to channel the right emotion or feel when you're posing. 

"I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to fangirl over myself hahaha."

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